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New Day Logo


So, I took a bit of a spin on this assignment. Rather than make it a DS106 assignment, I decided to take it and make it about the New Day Co-Op. I used PowerPoint as my image editor and Gimp as well for the background behind the words.

I figured if Prop Joe was going to have a website for the New Day Co-op, it would be relatively simple, but would show. I figured that it should be more of a traditional business logo rather than something more fancy. After all, this is a business rather than a bunch of random gang members. Anyways, I think this turned out pretty decently, and I think it looks pretty darn good.

Let me know what you think!


A Light in the Dark

A Light

This is a picture of the light in my room. This picture has not been modified and this is the actual picture. I started taking random pictures of interesting things in my room and then this happened! Randomly, this looks black and white, but it has not been modified by my camera or any photo editing software.

I just naturally got this picture from my room. The reason I actually took a picture of it was because this is a strange looking light. More importantly, this is the only time I have seen a light like this on campus. To make it even more interesting, that is the only light in my room that was here from the beginning, and it is not even centered in the room to provide the most light.

This is just an awkward light, and that is why it originally caught my interest. The fact that the picture was naturally black and white in color just made it worth posting even more.

Let me know what you think!


For the Road Rage Enthusiast…

Bumper Sticker

For everyone who hates getting cut off, this one is for you! It was made on powerpoint using shapes and textboxes. I originally had this as a striped yellow and black, but it was difficult to read, so I stuck with black borders and a large warning.

I created this because I wanted to give the person behind your car a quick message about cutting me off. I have to say, I thought about this for a while. There are so many good bumper stickers that could be designed, it was hard to choose from.

However, given the fact that we all have had that asshole who cut us off, this is the perfect sticker to have on your bumper. I personally have not had many of these moments, but it has happened plenty of times to people I know (or have ridden with).

Let me know what you think!




Alright here is my take on a READ poster. I created this with powerpoint like all of my other pictures. If the picture is of lesser quality, it is because I resized it. The process of creating this was fairly simple as usual.

On the other hand,

The inspiration for this is more of a story. I originally wanted to find a picture of Brother Mouzone (my favorite character now) reading. However, I did not find a picture of him with a book after searching for about thirty minutes, I stumbled upon this picture. Where Lester was seated looking at this device and everyone else had a strange look on their face. When I realized that the person did not necessarily need to be reading a book, I had my picture!

The second part of my inspiration came from the Boondocks comic strips. The whole phrase, “READ DUMMY!” was inspired by Huey Freeman and his campaign to get more people to read. It generally came with him yelling that at someone and throwing a newspaper or article at the person he was yelling at. I figured this would be perfect for Lester, since he is the one sitting at the laptop (as I called it).

Let me know what you think!


Jim Groom is Famous!

Professor Groom Poster

The Wire and Jim Groom… what do they have in common? Well they are both famous!

I wanted to make Jim telling a character in The Wire to make art, so this worked out perfectly! I just wished I had a more ridiculous picture of Jim! Anyways, I made this picture in powerpoint as well, and used the crop features in the software. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to round it off so the picture of Jim is still rectangular.

I figured it would be funny for Jim to say make art to Frank Sobotka, seeing as how he is the most tense character in this season (at least to me). Again, if I knew how to round off the picture, I would have loved to have done that. The other reason I chose this picture of all things is because it just seemed out of place. If I know one thing, making out of place pictures can be really entertaining!

Let me know what you all think!


The Wire: Scene Poster

Scene Poster

This is my poster design for the Scene Poster Assignment.

After seeing the picture of Omar with a gun, I immediately recall this scene and said, “LET’S GO!” I grabbed a picture off of google and booted up powerpoint to make this. A couple of text boxes, comic sans font, and BAM! This picture came out as a poster. I added in at least two of his quotes followed by a couple of remarks that might be made during this specific scene.

I really wanted to use this scene because this one caught me off guard. I somewhat knew Ziggy was unstable, but this one took the cake! I was expecting him to rage and throw a tantrum with a lot of fowl language, but when he came in, I was like, “Whoa, I have to remember this scene!”

I think it turned out pretty well! Let me know if the picture needs to be resized ¬†and I’ll definitely look into resizing it!

Let me know what you think!


What are you looking at???

What are you looking at?


Well this was interesting to do! This is a picture for the Creative Mashup. The Wire picture comes from S2E01, and the painting is Getrude Stein by Pablo Picasso. Truth be told, I’m not even certain why I chose this picture from the wire. I was looking for anything having to do with McNulty looking at something (it might just be me, but he looks at things strangely… in a kind of funny way). Then I figured I should find a painting that would be looking back at him, and blamo! We have this picture! Let me know what you think!