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Big Fan and Cancer


Original Post:

Remix: Cancer Sucks

I really liked how this turned out. Coming up with it just required reusing an old picture and changing the message. As usual, I used PowerPoint to change the message, and I decided to look up a cancer awareness emblem and add it to the fan.

When this came together I thought it looked very good. I probably should have tried to match the two black colors so the emblem seemed more natural. I rather like this one, but I am also curious to see what other remixes were possible. I think these are pretty good to do, and I can’t wait to do more of these.

Anyways, let me know what you think!


A Logo Between Two Sites

Google + Brickshelf

Actual Site: +

This was an easy one to put together. I decided to use Brickshelf, which is a site to post various LEGO creations, and Google. Using PowerPoint I was able to attach the Brickshelf image and recolor the the words to fit the Google color scheme. I was actually researching which font Google used, but found out it cost $206 to buy it! All that for a font!? I had to settle with the font Gisha, and that is how this came together.

I really wanted to use both of these websites because their colors and logo seemed to fit together super well. I was rather impressed with how well this came out, but it flowed together very well. In the end, I think I was missing the last red section from the Google logo, but in the end I think you can still tell it is suppose to mimic Google.

Let me know what you think!




For this assignment I decided to find two teams (Heat and Redskins) and combine their logos together. I used PowerPoint to make the logo, and managed to fit them over each other to be like a Redskin comet. In the end, I decided on the team name the Heatskins.

I decided on these teams because I was looking for emblems that had relatively similar color schemes. I was also looking for some emblems that had somewhat similar shapes so they flowed well together. The Redskins’ emblem seemed to fit very well with the Heat emblem and I for one thought it turned out very well. It really hold that comet, like appearance.

Let me know what you think!


Support the New Day Co-op!

Campaign Ad

Platform – Stand together, and no one #$%&* with us.

Candidates we support – Joseph Stewart.

Candidates we oppose – Those who stand against us.

Principal Donors – New Day Co-Op


So, this took some editing in Powerpoint and a picture off of Google. There were all sorts of interesting pictures available, and I chose this one because it just looked better than all the other ones.

I decided I wanted to make this assignment about The Wire, by using it to support Prop Joe for president. I really tried to make this look like a screen capture from a commercial, hence the reason why the fine print is so small at the bottom. I rather enjoyed making this one and I think it came out pretty darn well! I still wanted it to look somewhat professional so I decided against any wild fonts, and I think this looks good. I had considered a red/white/blue color scheme, but I figured that would probably not go too well in the long run.


This is also an assignment I will be contributing to my final project (I’m still deciding on sites to use for him), but I think I have a direction to go in.

Anyways, let me know what you all think!