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Why It Is Cool!

Basically for this one, I found a nice public domain background and added a special line about DS106. I rather like this one simply because it was simple and rather colorful. It all seemed to really merge together to create a cool background. Another reason I am proud of it is because it just looks cool! I mean seriously, look at those sweet colors.

My response for today’s TDC. Hope you enjoyed it!


Blank Mess



I figured some blank lines could be a good way to make this not blank anymore.

Hope you enjoyed!

A Day of Icons!


So here is my typical day!

– Get up

– Get prepared

– Eat Breakfast

– Brush Teeth

– Go to class

– Take a nap

– Program

– Play games and watch Youtube

– Go to bed

Some things were omitted just to give you a sense of the day.

Hope you enjoyed it!

No Change!?

Don’t debate.
Because you’re late.

No coins in the meter.
Just make me meaner.

You pushed your luck.
But your just a dumb fuck.

Now you get a ticket.
Don’t raise your picket.

So have a nice day.
And you better pay.

Hope you enjoyed my little poem. It was rather fun.


Eye of Confusion

My Flag

Strangely enough, I always have had a flag (it now has a name thankfully).

This has always been a strange emblem that I have liked, and I can’t really say why (no seriously, I haven’t a clue). It always looked rather mythical to me.

This was for today’s TDC. Hope you enjoyed!


G33K SP34K

G33K SP34K

For today’s TDC I decided to let my inner geek flow while creating this.

I sure as hell would have this on my fridge if I could find the pieces!

Let me know what you think!

P.S. – For those of you who aren’t coders, while(true) is an infinite loop meaning “I = the greatest” is infinitely true :)