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It is Live!

Radio Show

Now this was truly interesting. Throughout the past couple of weeks, I worked in a group to develop a radio show. The development was pretty good! We used Audacity to fully record our conversations, and create the commercials that were in the show.

I was responsible for editing the final question, and I was responsible for creating the rehab commercial. The music in the commercial was the song from FFX: Besaid Island (I have no idea why I chose this one in particular; it sounded rather peaceful). The sound effects in the last question came from, the specific mentions for those effects can actually be found in the last question segment. Here are the credits to those sounds:


MentalSanityOff –…f/sounds/218318/

I personally think everything came out well, and we put a lot of work into this. It was very fun meeting some of the people in this class as well. On a random note, Jim Groom showed up on the first day that we met as a group; what a coincidence!

My final thoughts – MY TEAM IS AWESOME!