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The Last Word

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

This is my last time I will be posting, but it is time to end on bang (or whimper). So much has happened as always and it is time to jump into the thick of it.

The Wire

I am not even going to lie, this has been possibly one of the most grim seasons I have watched of The WIre. Bad stuff just happened everywhere and it was just horrific at times.

Bubbles: I really hope this character gets some significant help. He was pushed to desperation to try to get rid of his attacker issue and the poison he made wound up killing his best bud. He was just devastated by his loss that he even tried to hang himself. I think he’s gonna need more than rehab to truly comeback from this one. It is not the same as when Johnny OD’d. You could tell from the sound of his voice that he was devastated. Even the cops that he turned himself into did not want to lock him up because he was filled with so much sorrow. Hopefully, he will get some help.

Randy: What the hell! How are you going to go and kill what amounts to his mom just because he snitched. It is bad enough that he has tormentors and everyone avoids him, but not he does not even have the luxury of having a home. More importantly, if it was reported that he was having so many issues, why did the police/foster care not move him to another location that was far away from Baltimore. It is clear that no one is going to trust him, and everyone was just going to beat on him whenever possible. On another note, I found out that he is Prop Joe’s great nephew. Who knew right?

Nammond: I am glad to see that at the end of season 4, he was in a good house that was pushing for him to succeed. It is funny how him and Colvin really formed a good bond overtime. I am not certain we will see too much of Nammond any more, but it is nice to know that he has a chance to get away from the bad stuff on the street.

Webae: I found the last talk he had with his wife to be really shocking. In the end, he came to a realization that his son was not built for thug life. However, Colvin told him that he had potential to be so much more. When he stated that who would not want to get away from this kind of life if they could do anything else, that made me smile. In the end, I think he realized that while you can be built to do this, and be tough, you will either end up dead or in jail, which is bad. I mean, look at the rest of the Barksdale Organization, dead or in jail.

MCU: So at the end of the season, everyone seemed to pull back together for one final investigation into Marlow. I have the feeling that they are not going to stop until they get him this time. I was not too surprised to see McNulty finally joining the group in response to Bodie’s death. I know they are going to have an even harder time catching him though, especially since no one uses phones anymore.

Michael: This kid is going to become a new terror. He is ruthless, and he has a brain in his head. Those two things will make him very deadly. It was interesting to see him and Nammond’s character switch, as he became more of a soldier instead of another kid watching out for his younger brother. Furthermore, the way he had his dad disposed of was just brutally. I thought they were going to shoot the man, but instead they beat him to death.

Carcetti: I like the fact that he is actually trying to do the right thing. However, I have a feeling that he is going to have to push harder if he wants to actually get things done. He had a start when he got all the public service workers to actually get on the streets to clean up, do repairs, and tow cars, but he will need to do more if he wants the support to actually fix the city. You can clearly see that he is tired of all the politics behind trying to get the simplest of things. I mean, even visiting the governor was a pain because he was always “busy.” I’m curious to look up how things continue in the next season.

Omar: Omar is still Omar, but how much longer will he be here.

Just One More Daily

Basically for this one, I found a nice public domain background and added a special line about DS106. I rather like this one simply because it was simple and rather colorful. It all seemed to really merge together to create a cool background. Another reason I am proud of it is because it just looks cool! I mean seriously, look at those sweet colors

Tutorial Time


– Come up with some crazy idea for an item to sell. The more unrealistic it is, the better.

– Have a good audio recording device. I personally used the one that was built into my laptop.

– If you can, try to get a friend to help you with this assignment by being another character in the recording (they will typically be the person asking you questions about the product).

– Try to make it 30sec-1min in length.

– Remember, the more inventive the item, the more you can get carried away with it! Enjoy!


– Grab three containers of things you drank last.

– Arrange them in a pyramid fashion.

– Provide ample light to clearly make out what drinks they are.

– Take a picture.

– Explain why you like these. Also explain if you were doing anything special while drinking these.

– You should aim to maybe have a paragraph about each drink.

– Don’t be afraid to add more than a paragraph each!

Leaving My Mark

So, I left a couple of things in ds106, for those brave enough to endure this class. While I have no real links to the daily creates (I looked trust me), here are the assignments I left behind:

Texture Creator

Using any creative means (drawing, sculpting, digital media, building blocks, etc.) create an object that is an example of a texture. Furthermore, create the opposite texture as well and phtograph them together. For example, if you created something to represent a smooth surface, create arough surface to show contrast.

Story Time Fun Time!

Tell ds106 a fantastic tale! Add sound effects, epic music, and colorful and creative descriptions to bring your story to life. It should roughly be a 2-5 minute story. Make sure you make it nice and entertaining!

Of Finals

Most folk outside of Baltimore ain’t aware of an organization known as the New Day Co-Op. We organized East Baltimore and brought West Baltimore in with us as well. With Baltimore united and business moving smoothly, we had troubles coming soon, specifically with leadership. “Call it a crisis of leadership.” I always said. With this in mind I opted for spearheading the Co-Op. In no time, I was making myself known in the Co-Op.

Campaign Ad

In the end, I was the Co-Op president. I was bringing in the goods, and keeping the peace between all of us. Business continued to boom. However, we began to realize that business ain’t always gonna be so good. We needed to expand, but it needed to be somewhere else; somewhere out of plain sight. We needed to have an escape plan; so we met up to discuss. Immediately, people began to start aiming towards West Baltimore. After hearing the 2nd or 3rd support to that idea, I responded, “Why is it that every Baltimore n!##&# think that running the fuck away means crossing downtown? Shit, you should be in New York or Philly or some shit.” It was not until after the meeting that one of my crew told me about a place that was off the radar entirely. The Co-Op needed a good escape, but more importantly, if it was outside of Baltimore, we could expand without too much hassle. My boy hooked me up with some cat down in Fredericksburg, which was further than I expected.

I met this guy, who seemed to be good for supporting the Co-Op. The first thing we needed was a venue to meet at. So, we took a little walk, and I saw three spots:

Venue 1

Venue 2

Venue 3

We had suitable meeting spots and I decided it was time to get the Co-Op together, in Fredericksburg this time. It was not long till we met, and this time, I brought my boy from VA to meet with us. When the Co-Op gather, I was informed that some Five’O got the word on the package, and now the Co-Op was short on goods. Our VA contact believed it was a good time to begin in Fredericksburg; call it a back up plan so we could still make some money on the side. Seeing as how we were still unknown to the VA Five’O, the Co-Op decided we could hide ourselves by settin’ up a legitimate front.

In order to keep the Co-Op together against a much longer distance, we needed some communication. However, no burners, and no pagers. That’s when one of the Co-Op suggested we go online with this; no one would have suspected it. Since we now had some new assistance, it was time to see how dedicated he was to the Co-Op. I left him with some words of wisdom:


A couple of days later, after I returned to East Baltimore, he stops by the shop and shows me what he has for us.


“Now you’re lookin’ official. I got this joint set up so only the the Co-Op has access to this.” I was told. He had everything set up using some real secure shit. The site was set up to exclusively keep Baltimore and Fredericksburg on the same page. He knew me all to well. The next thing we needed was some boys to work for the Co-Op down in VA. I told him to keep it peaceful down there. “Scare up a hornet’s nest, no telling who’s gon’ get stung.” Was my advice. The youngin’ returned a simple nod, and hopped to it.

Little, by little, my board began to get cleaned up.


I got word on the package from Vondas later that day and called the Co-Op together once more, to ensure everything was moving normally again. I was gettin’ good news across the board. However, our new guy reported that we were now up and running in Fredericksburg VA. Hell, youngin’ even gave us a demo of his recruitment:

<Process explanation>

This was beyond interesting (I don’t have a word for it really).

Using various applications (PowerPoint, Camera, Audacity, etc.) I put together this story piece by piece. Coming up with it was rather simple, but finding assignments that successfully aided the story was a different story.

For starters, I decided to go with a mashup that I made last week to begin the story. I figured I had to start somewhere, and this was the best place to start. Once I had that starting place, I began to think about what my character and organization needed. That was when it hit me! They generally met in a rather nice conference room, so I looked at buildings with good conference rooms and got pictures. No assignment was really connected to it, but they were grabbed from Twitter posts.

Following this, I looked for more interesting assignments to assist in story telling, and that is when I saw the spubble assignment. Rather than base it around me, I based it around me (Prop Joe that is). I think the picture worked out fine, and it did feel like it conveyed a message. The next step was for me to incorporate the website logo I had designed last week as well. This weaved into the story easily and worked better than creating an actual website (which was another option I considered, but then tossed out due to time constraints). With that done, the notes on the fridge or board assignment showed up, and I knew that would be perfect throw in towards the end of the story. Surprisingly, PowerPoint can really make the assignment simple and fun to do.

Lastly, I recall Jim stating he would love to see a New Day Co-Op commercial. Yeah, well that did not happen. However, I did want a radio ad. I based this one off of the ds106 radio commercial assignment, but again, I revamped it to be specifically based around the New Day Co-Op. I rather enjoyed making it, and I felt the need to have some form of audio in this assignment.

Once all the assignments were done, I tried to make a Joe-esque story (it was rather difficult, he is a man of few words that aren’t business related) and weave everything together. I think it turned out rather well, and I’d love to hear some specific feedback.

Assignments Used:

<End Explanation>

The Truth and some Super Good Advice

Before I leave, I think I’ll leave some words of wisdom, and a little feedback here as well. This class has required so much Patience and TIme. The work load seemed pretty heavy from time to time, and I feel like there were not enough tutorials overall to assist in creating some of these unique things. If you are the kind of person to enjoy this, this class is fun! If you aren’t, I really would say look elsewhere.

I will admit we did some interesting things, and I now have an appreciation for many different aspects of art and video. Furthermore, some of these assignments were also fun to create. Overall, this class is a mixed bag. Some stuff you will like, others you will hate (such as GIFs).

In Conclusion,

I hope you enjoyed reading this and seeing the last works from me. It has been an interesting ride.

Hope you enjoyed!


ReWeekly Mashup!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

Once again I bring you a bi-weekly on what has been going on, and trust me, a lot has been going on since you last visited (or if you have been visiting, this will be slightly new). Anywho, enough with my introduction rambling! Time to start off strong.

The Wire

Mayoral Race- I am not surprised that Carcetti managed to pull ahead of Royce. My only question that I really have is will he actually look towards improving Baltimore. The way I see things in politics, is that people do stuff to get re-elected or go up in position, rather than actually try to help people. His high interest in crime seems like a good place to start, but one thing that really interests me will be his stance on education, since a lot of this season seems to be about the education system.

Corner Kid Class- I found this segment of The Wire to actually be super interesting. Colvin and the other social workers seem to be trying a new approach to reaching this kids and socializing them. It was neat to see how they started to try to reach them, then changed their approach. The segment they did with having them in groups to solve a puzzle (for a fancy dinner) was really interesting. However, it was not necessarily the contest that was super interesting, but rather seeing the winning team at Ruth’s Chris. This scene really made the two worlds just seem out of place. On one hand, you had “normal” society enjoying a meal, and on the other hand, you had corner kids having a meal. You could clearly see how they were out of place and just seemed somewhat embarrassing. I’m curious to see how that program continues.

Normal Class- I am really impressed to see Prez actually adjusting to teaching his students. The fact that he took mathematics and probability and applied it to something that they understood, was actually a good way to make them learn. Furthermore, it made it interesting (something that education fails to do normally). However, as the episodes moved on, it became clear that the school wanted to get test scores up, rather than actually teach the students. I found it funny that he found teaching test material to be bad (simply because they refused to learn) when he already had developed at least one way for them to learn.

Prez and Students- His compassion that he shows for Dookie is actually rather cool. He gave him clean clothes, offered to wash the old ones, provided him a shower, tooth brush, and other hygiene materials was great! I feel like that is a good way to reach those in need, and Prez really stepped up. He actually seems to be really concerned for his students especially Randy, and the one kid who he offered to take to the school social worker. I think he is adjusting to his new position rather well.

MCU and the Five’O- The MCU seems like it is a joke at the moment. They really have not gotten anywhere since Daniels, Kima, Lester, McNulty, and pretty much everyone else got up and left. Lester and Bunk seem to be having difficulty trying to find bodies that Marlow is hiding, I am very curious to see whether they will find them or not. On another random note, this season has been the least McNulty season I have seen. I have a strong feeling that we might be seeing Daniels as police commissioner as Carcetti rises (which everyone in the higher ups of the police department do not want).

Nammond, Bodie, and Drug Dealing- Okay, it may just be me, but I do not think that Bodie will be along for too much longer. Marlow has him working for him at the moment, but I think his time is coming, slowly but surely. As for Nammond, it is clear that he will not be able to hold up his family. What is worse to me, is that he is expected to support his family, and it is clear he has very little experience. His mother does not support him in the right ways. I really found this to be interesting because many of these street kids today seem to have their bad habits originate from home. You would think that with Webae being locked up for life, you might would want to push your child in the opposite direction, but I guess not.

Marlow and the Co-Op- Now I did not see this coming, but it brings some really bad news. Right now, it seems as though this working out very well for both sides, which is bad for everyone else that is not with them. I think that there is going to be some good times together, but also some bad times coming with this partnership.

Omar- All I can say about this is that his beef with Marlow is not going to end well for both sides. Marlow’s muscle is ruthless, but so is Omar. I expect both sides to lose good people.

Daily Time

A Quote that Really Matters

So here is my typical day!

– Get up

– Get prepared

– Eat Breakfast

– Brush Teeth

– Go to class

– Take a nap

– Program

– Play games and watch Youtube

– Go to bed

Some things were omitted just to give you a sense of the day.

I found this cool public domain picture and thought it was cool.

I decided on the the line just because it seems we are always exploring something that is unknown (at least in its creation) to most people.


I figured some blank lines could be a good way to make this not blank anymore.

Rexim (see what I did there)

Original Post:

Remix: Cancer Sucks

I really liked how this turned out. Coming up with it just required reusing an old picture and changing the message. As usual, I used PowerPoint to change the message, and I decided to look up a cancer awareness emblem and add it to the fan.

When this came together I thought it looked very good. I probably should have tried to match the two black colors so the emblem seemed more natural. I rather like this one, but I am also curious to see what other remixes were possible. I think these are pretty good to do, and I can’t wait to do more of these.

Mash it Up

Platform – Stand together, and no one #$%&* with us.

Candidates we support – Joseph Stewart.

Candidates we oppose – Those who stand against us.

Principal Donors – New Day Co-Op


So, this took some editing in Powerpoint and a picture off of Google. There were all sorts of interesting pictures available, and I chose this one because it just looked better than all the other ones.

I decided I wanted to make this assignment about The Wire, by using it to support Prop Joe for president. I really tried to make this look like a screen capture from a commercial, hence the reason why the fine print is so small at the bottom. I rather enjoyed making this one and I think it came out pretty darn well! I still wanted it to look somewhat professional so I decided against any wild fonts, and I think this looks good. I had considered a red/white/blue color scheme, but I figured that would probably not go too well in the long run.


This is also an assignment I will be contributing to my final project (I’m still deciding on sites to use for him), but I think I have a direction to go in.

For this assignment I decided to find two teams (Heat and Redskins) and combine their logos together. I used PowerPoint to make the logo, and managed to fit them over each other to be like a Redskin comet. In the end, I decided on the team name the Heatskins.

I decided on these teams because I was looking for emblems that had relatively similar color schemes. I was also looking for some emblems that had somewhat similar shapes so they flowed well together. The Redskins’ emblem seemed to fit very well with the Heat emblem and I for one thought it turned out very well. It really hold that comet, like appearance.

Actual Site: +

This was an easy one to put together. I decided to use Brickshelf, which is a site to post various LEGO creations, and Google. Using PowerPoint I was able to attach the Brickshelf image and recolor the the words to fit the Google color scheme. I was actually researching which font Google used, but found out it cost $206 to buy it! All that for a font!? I had to settle with the font Gisha, and that is how this came together.

I really wanted to use both of these websites because their colors and logo seemed to fit together super well. I was rather impressed with how well this came out, but it flowed together very well. In the end, I think I was missing the last red section from the Google logo, but in the end I think you can still tell it is suppose to mimic Google.

Additional Thoughts- Mashups were pretty fun, and I really like the results of the ones I did. I’m curious to see what other people did.

In addition to my Mashup Assignment for the Final, I also did a design assignment for the New Day Co-Op

So, I took a bit of a spin on this assignment. Rather than make it a DS106 assignment, I decided to take it and make it about the New Day Co-Op. I used PowerPoint as my image editor and Gimp as well for the background behind the words.

I figured if Prop Joe was going to have a website for the New Day Co-op, it would be relatively simple, but would show. I figured that it should be more of a traditional business logo rather than something more fancy. After all, this is a business rather than a bunch of random gang members. Anyways, I think this turned out pretty decently, and I think it looks pretty darn good.


The final project is coming up soon (I’m still lagging behind with social media to use for it), but I do have a direction to go in now. With any luck, it should come out decently, I just really need to take off running this week.

Thanks for tuning in again!

Double Down Videos!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been awhile since I said anything in a long summary.

The past two weeks have been full of videos and other interesting things. But rather than have me yak on about what I was doing in a generic paragraph, let’s begin the double week breakdown!

The Wire

Okay, so much stuff has happened in the course of two weeks worth of watching. For starters, goodbye Barksdale Organization! You will be missed, especially many of the characters that were built up across the period of four seasons. Prop Joe had stated that they were having a leadership issue, and in the end, that is what led to their downfall. The main thing that I believe led to their downfall was Stringer’s confession. If he had not tried to rat Avon out, he would have gotten Marlow. As Jim Groom stated, Marlow got lucky. I have to fully agree with that statement. In the end, family did not count for anything. I guess they never learned that family might be family, but they can still really piss you off sometimes.

With that bit of Season 3 out of the way, let me now touch on Season 4. First off, I am very surprised to see this season taking place almost immediately after Season 3. It is really interesting to see what became of everyone in the major crimes unit. McNulty seems to have done a complete 180 in terms of his character! This struck me as super surprising; it is like he’s an actual family man now! Daniels is now a major and leading his own unit, although it seems sad that he is not in charge of the MCU. However, The MCU did pick up a new lieutenant, that everyone actually enjoyed following (that and he seemed to approve of their methods and sign off on necessary work). However, all things had to come to an end with the Unit Killer. I have to say, I laughed when he had his little talk with Lester and Kima, and their following response was to literally abandon ship and get assigned to a new unit.

Speaking of the MCU, it was funny to me at least to see that Haulk got assigned to the unit, and promoted to Sergeant after seeing some, “political indecency.” Personally, I would have stayed with driving the mayor around. Seemed like an easy paycheck to me.

The last person, who was part of the MCU, Prez is currently the most interesting to me. He’s a math teacher; he looks like he is completely out of his element! Even when he had his fixing things up scene in S4E04, it just did not seem as natural as when he rearranged the connections board. For his job, he need a commanding presence, but he does not have that commanding presence. More importantly, he is in the worst spot possible; he is the new guy teaching inner-city kids. I do have to say that they make it really similar to how things are in real life which is pretty interesting. It looks at it in a fictional sense, but it draws a lot of parallels to reality.

As with all new seasons, it is good to see Omar is still doing his thing as well. However, I have abad feeling about him having robbed Marlow. Currently, Marlow has been making people disappear really well. Not even the cops can seem to find the bodies. I’m curious to see how the New-Day Co-op is going to deal with him. It’s obvious they want him to stand with them, but at the same time, Marlow only desires to be number one. Something tells me that even if he decides to go with them, he is not going to like it that much.

Currently, there are a lot of interesting things going on, and I don’t quite know where they are going. The school kids and Carcetti’s run for mayor are both interesting at the moment, but I don’t quite know what to make of them yet. More to come with this upcoming week.

Fun With Dailies

For today’s TDC I decided to let my inner geek flow while creating this.

I sure as hell would have this on my fridge if I could find the pieces!

Let me know what you think!

P.S. – For those of you who aren’t coders, while(true) is an infinite loop meaning “I = the greatest” is infinitely true

Strangely enough, I always have had a flag (it now has a name thankfully).

This has always been a strange emblem that I have liked, and I can’t really say why (no seriously, I haven’t a clue). It always looked rather mythical to me.

Here is my shot at a mouse meme!

The line comes from a very famous cartoon character. If you don’t know who it is then please double face-palm yourself. Afterwards, look it up!

Don’t debate.
Because you’re late.

No coins in the meter.
Just make me meaner.

You pushed your luck.
But your just a dumb fuck.

Now you get a ticket.
Don’t raise your picket.

So have a nice day.
And you better pay.

Hope you enjoyed my little poem. It was rather fun.

Videos Make the World Go Round

Over two weeks, I had the opportunity to make some videos and here they are:

4.5 Stars

For this assignment, I decided to break out my laptop and grab some of my favorite items that described me around the room. Recording was fairly simple since my laptop has a built in microphone and camera. I just used the camera app that was installed and got to recording! Oh, and I also managed to open a couple of windows to add some more light.

I personally wanted to do this one for two main reasons. Firstly, I figured it would be something I could put on the About the Author page. Second, I really wanted to show-off my most recent build! With that in mind, choosing this was no problem. Again, this seemed relatively simple, and I had a fun time making this one.

Additional Thoughts: I really encourage this assignment! Especially as a way for everyone to visualize each other. Since we aren’t actually in class, it gives you an opportunity to see and hear each other.

3 Stars

This one was another fun one to make. All I needed was my trusty computer, some notecards, and my favorite writing utensil (in retrospect, I probably should have found a marker). Coming up with a story was almost a no brainer.

This story will forever stick out to me because the odds of this happening are extremely low. Let me explain a bit further. I’m driving down the road at 40 mph and hit a flying object with the front windshield of our van. The bat then loops around and goes through the open window and finally lands on the passenger side, dead. If someone can tell me the odds of that, I will give you a cookie (seriously!). Anyways, that’s what I have to say about this one; it just makes me laugh!

Additional Thoughts: *Still laughing at this story*

5- Stars

As always, the only tools needed to make this one was my laptop camera and a room with decent lighting.

Now as for why I chose this one, this is a more interesting story. For the past 13 (soon to be 14) years of my life, teachers/professors have always been assigning work over break periods. I for one have gotten tired of it! This is not a laughing matter, this is 100% serious! What is the point of break if we have work to do! I mean think about it; sometimes, you go on break simply to work on more stuff for school. That is utter garbage! With that in mind, I believed that it was time to say something about this. More importantly, I believe we need more PSA’s stating that we don’t need work for breaks.

No one likes it. That is all.

Additional Thoughts: I should really start making posters for this. This is no laughing matter! I know the student base would approve of it!

4.5 Stars

Apart from my trust laptop, I pulled some minifigs and some pieces out of my LEGO box and tried my best to re-position the two to make it seem as though they were talking. Along with that, I also had my Desktop running the actual scene in the background. I would have tried doing the speech myself, but I tried and kept stumbling on the lines. Overall, I think it went pretty well overall.

I chose this scene because I rather enjoyed it. Marlow is an interesting character right now, and Prop Joe is always a cool character. This scene really reinforced the idea that Marlow feels like he is invincible at the moment. This always strikes me as completely contrary to how the other drug dealers think he is. You hear a bunch of them talking as though he is young and inexperienced, but his crew seems to be rather tight at the moment. Furthermore, he has the best muscle out on the streets. Personally, this talk was just cool to me.

Additional Thoughts: My only regret is that I had not black minifig pieces available to make this scene more accurate than it is. I really did enjoy this one I must admit. If I had the patience, A stop motion video would have really done the trick, but those can be very time consuming and require some superb equipment.

Parting Words

It seems as though it is time for me to depart one more time! It has been a fun two weeks, but more work must be done. However, I will leave you with this:

For those interested in picking up their own Omar minifig!

See you all next time!

Hardest Week Ever?

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Once again, we have made it to the end of yet another week. This week was different from the last, and I hope you all enjoy this synopsis of the week.

The Wire

Way too much happened in these episodes, so I will cover the parts that I found the most interesting.

First, I am rather impressed with character Dennis. He was actually able to get up and leave the game, and more importantly, he was not killed! This was actually interesting to see because this is something that you don’t see happen in reality. One of the things I really took note of was the difficulty he had with finding something honest to do. For a person that was tied up in crime, he learned with the help of community members which I think was a good example of how it works in real life for ex-convicts. Granted, it is not the full story, but it is still good that they took a look at it.

I can begin to see where the mayoral race is going to be a big focus moving forward. Carcetti and the others going for mayor is going to be a good story. If Carcetti can rally enough support, it will probably end up being a good run between him and his friend. Unfortunately, it is sad that they didn’t go together. They really would have made a hell of a team.

Speaking of team members, I’m feeling real bad for Prez. He really was never cut out for street work at all. I am curious to see where exactly he is going to go. The fact that they are considering this as a racial case is just stupid. I like Lester’s response when Daniels wanted to ask him about Prez “for the record.” Lester literally gave him one of those, “You are joking right?” looks. Hopefully he does not wind up in jail or anything like that. He was a good addition to the team.

However, Daniel’s unit was not the only group that suffered from loss of a member. The Barksdale Organization is going to end very soon. Throughout these episodes, Stringer and Avon seemed to be losing on both their legal and illegal fronts. To make matters worse, they had a, “leadership issue,” which kind of left their command in disarray. However, the ultimate blow came with Stringer’s death and his confession. Firstly, I called it when I said Brother Mouzone would come back for vengeance. To even make it worse for Stringer, Omar came to even the score as well. At this point, Avon is in charge, and he has made his war with Marlow pretty clear. I once thought Marlow would not last, but I have the feeling that he will be the new evil.

The last thin I noticed was that McNulty and Kima are beginning to become very similar in their actions. The one surprise I had was that McNulty and that DC lady (can’t remember her name) did not progress any further. He made an interesting point that she was much higher than him and really did not see him as much after she found out that he was not highly educated. However, as I stated before, I find myself more and more not really caring about their relationships.

Still Doin’ My Dailies

I had a rather spooky LEGO Halloween picture.

Hope you all enjoy it! I tried to focus on the color black. It turned out rather well.

Today’s TDC was pretty fun! I decided to make a food tower that had support. It would have looked more like a cool pyramid, but the granola bars would not cooperate!

Curse you granola!

Analysis Time!

The Scene from the Wire I chose to analyze was this:

Season 3, Episode 11:

Start: 41:23 – End: 42:57 – Link:

Here is what I found; I’ll include an overall summary of this exercise in the end.

1. The Camera Work.

The first thing I noticed about this entire scene was that it always stayed focused on Carcetti or Colvin, specifically their facial expressions. While the dialogue is rather important in this scene, there is a lot to see here, specifically when Carcetti begins to walk down Hamsterdam.

The camera constantly focuses on Carcetti from the chest up as he walks down the street. More importantly, the scene felt like trying to make a video and random people just keep walking in the way. I would like to note that this (the people walking in front of our view on Carcetti) was used for three camera transitions, which zoomed in on his face.

The next interesting thing I noted about the camera work was that it never shows you what he is looking at. The camera cuts to get different views on his face as he turns, but you never see the specifics of what he is looking at. More importantly, it becomes a complete mess as the background and characters around him get blurred. It almost creates a sense of bewilderment and confusion at the situation. Based on the camera work alone, you can see that Carcetti is appalled by the situation in Hamsterdam. No sound was needed at all to convey this.

2. The Sound

The sounds of this start in the car, and you can hear that they are in Hamsterdam. Even while the two men are talking, you can hear the dealing on the street. Something to note about their conversation is that it is really slow. In past scenes, Carcetti’s conversations have been rather fast paced. Here, it goes much slower, almost as though he is somewhat scared to see this mess. The most interesting part of this is Carcetti’s walk. When he gets out of the car, there were a couple of key things to notice while listening.

1. You don’t hear him at all. You don’t hear him breathing. You don’t hear his footsteps. You don’t even hear any interactions between him and the people (not that there were any). My point about the interactions is that he is basically invisible, yet he is very present in this place. It is almost a kin to wishing to be a fly on a wall while a given event is going on.

2. The sounds of the crowd get louder. When Carcetti is walking, you hear the sounds of people selling yellow top more so than any other sound. You also hear the noise of other people (potential buyers). In many ways, it is similar to a market. However, one noise did stand out even above the dealers. Towards the very end of this scene, you hear a baby crying. This means that this is a place where children are being exposed to these drugs. I think that sound right there was meant to just stick out more than any other sound, just to show how screwed up Hamsterdam actually was.

3. Wrap Up

Putting audio and camera work together, this scene was really interesting. I picked up on a couple of additional things that I missed the first time around. The first thing I would like to point out is that you don’t actually see Carcetti go back to the car. The conversation he and Colvin probably had (or lack there of) would have been interesting to see on camera. The second thing I noted was that shortly after the child cried, Carcetti stops in his tracks. He appears to be frozen, and his eyes seem as though they are fixed on something. I also picked up on someone yelling the words “swing state.” It could be a possible reference to the election, but it was rather hard to tell.

My overall take away from this scene was that it was meant to show how screwed up Hamsterdam really was to someone who was never actually dealing with it physically. It was one of those scenes that seemed to take someone on high and put them down with the rest of the rabble. The sounds and camera work showed clearly what Carcetti thought of this, and even showed his uncertainty through dialogue with Colvin.


Thoughts on LLA

This was an interesting activity. My overall opinion has to be that this really got me to think. Whenever the focus was put on someone in this scene, they always seemed to blur everyone else around that character. Even when Colvin and Carcetti were talking they would blur one or the other then switch camera angles and un-blur the other when they began to talk. I found myself learning a lot about how some of these methods were used to shift focus for story telling, which was really interesting.

Learning How to Read Movies

Thoughts on the Opening of M

Okay, I’m going to be quite honest and say that this took a couple of views to even understand what the heck was going on! The lack of English really killed it for me. That being said, I’m going to attempt to put my thoughts together and give you all an impression of what I saw.

The first piece of crucial information I noticed was the setting of this. It seemed to be based around a little girl and someone I’m assuming is her mother. I did not pick this up till the end when she was calling for the young girl. However, the girl was gone because she was either killed/kidnapped. I know this much because of the balloon that floated away that the mysterious man bought for her, and the fact that there was a ball with no child (yeah that’s right, a good ol’ driving principle rule).

The second piece of information that was conveyed very well was time shifts. Now, in most movies that have color, this is no problem  since you can visually display what time of day it is and show this based off of other things. However, I counted at least 3-4 focuses on the clock which show the first seven minutes occurred from 12:00pm – 1:15pm. This was something that I found interesting, especially for a person that does not watch old movies (or foreign ones for that matter).

The third piece of information that I thought was interesting was the importance of making a mysterious individual. The person that picked up the little girl was a silhouette the entire time. With the exception of when he bought her the balloon (which you only got to see his back), you have no clue as to who this person is. However, I feel as though the time focused on that sign on that pole gave some information as to who that person might be. As the girl and him spoke, the camera still stayed focused on the sign.

My current unknown is the relationship between the two women at the beginning. Again because I could not understand a thing they said (and had no subtitles), I could not decipher whether they were friends/family/servants/etc.

That is about what I got in two watches of the first seven minutes.

It was pretty interesting to actually focus on these elements.

Still Being Inspired

This one was just plain cruel! However, I could not stop from laughing at it. That dog looks so depressed that that is not a treat. I’ve seen some cruel stuff in my days, but this one was just great. I wonder if the dog actually fell for it though.

Anyways, I’m inspired by this, and I hope to pull from this inspiration at some point during this class.

Danielle, you’ve inspired me!

So, I just got inspired today! I started looking through folk’s websites, when I stumbled upon this lovely little picture. To most people, this is just a tree. However, this inspired me to remember that awesome time of year called “Autumn.” Since I’ve been in college, the rest of the world is almost invisible because campus life take priority.

Every once in a while, it is good to sit back and take a look at your environment and enjoy it. Thanks to this picture, that’s what I’m now doing after I post this!

Jasmine Dragon, you’ve inspired me!

Home Videos – 4.5 Stars

Along time ago, in a year far far away, I use to take karate. I had been doing it for roughly about 8 or 9 years, and stopped after my freshman year. It has been a while since I did any of my open hand forms, but this is my 2nd open hand form. I recorded it using my camera, and did this in my dorm. No other modifications were necessary; just a camera and some light.

I decided to go with this because it was something that I use to do a lot. I had to tone the form down just so I did not hit anything in my room, so it is not at its peak. As far as the video itself, I tried putting my camera as far back as possible, but unfortunately, I still managed to get out of its view at least once. I thought this would be relatively good for this assignment, and it turned out rather well in my opinion.

Again, I’m new to this whole video thing, so it may not be the highest quality.

Hope you enjoyed the video. Let me know what you think!

Today I decided to leave some advice for myself, if I could send something to the past. Anyways, this video was made using the video recorder on my laptop (I’ve been experimenting with what works better for recording today). After I recorded, I used Window’s Media player to tweak the brightness and the saturation of the video to try to make it look slightly better.

I decided to give some advice on college as I recall having some thoughts about my major. I remember not knowing what I wanted to do prior to college, and I had doubts in case I did not like the major I chose. The information in the video came to mind as I now sit back and reflect over my past years and approach the end (senioritis is beginning to set in). With that in mind, I made a shorty 46 second video.

If you watch it, let me know what you think! I’m still trying to find the best way to record decent looking videos.

When I saw this assignment in the bank, my mind immediately began to think of a bunch of “highly unlikely moments.” Thankfully, I still had my computer up, and I’m now making use of a vimeo account (which apparently needs roughly about 40 minutes to compress a video). I rather enjoyed this one.

So the idea of an inanimate object attack came to mind when I thought of previous shows/movies. The two that came to mind was the movie Small Soldiers and the episode of Futurama where the robots rebelled. While there are a ton of things you could do, I thought about this, specifically if you were on campus (otherwise I would have mentioned use of more actual dangerous tools, rather than what I mentioned).

Anyways, this was all done for the sake of goofing around, so I hope you enjoyed it!

Let me know what you think!

Additional Thoughts- These video assignments have been entertaining, and challenging. I’m still messing around with my available resources and finding which I like using . So far my laptop is good if I need sounds, and my camera is better if I don’t really need sound.


This week was full of video assignments and video related stuff. I can see that we will probably be building on this in the next couple of weeks as well.

Lastly, does anyone else think that we have an impending video final coming?


A Week’s Reflection : noitcelfeR s’keeW A

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

Once more, we have all made it to the end of yet another week. If you can’t tell by the title, I have had to spend the entire week reflecting on the past and doing some other interesting things. Well, enough of my babbling about the overall week; let me break it down for you!

The Wire

So much stuff happened in these past three episodes that was important. I’ll start by covering what I found the most interesting.

1. Avon is out!

So this happened. and it is not good at all! First of all, I knew there was going to be some conflict between him and Stringer with the way things were being run in the organization. As Avon stated, he’s just a gangster, while Stringer is a business man. With him now out, they seem to have two different ideas about how to run the organization. One of the more interesting things that I’ve noted is that Avon is appears to be entirely against the idea of partnering up with anyone. Truth be told, now that he’s back on the streets, it seems like he’s more like some of the other gang members (like Bodie, but with more experience). I’m not certain how things are going to go, but if he tries to stick with the old ways, I have a feeling Baltimore is going to become worse by the end of Season 3.

2. Questions about D’Angelo.

It seems that D is being brought up again, which is bad news for Stringer. At some point, I think Avon and the rest of D’s family are going to find out. As a matter of fact, I predict that it will be the end of Stringer if any of them find out the truth. It amazes me that it has already been one year in the show’s timeline since D’Angelo died. Furthermore, I believe someone is going to notice how Stringer gets pissed every time D’s name is mentioned. I feel retribution is coming to town, and it is going to be nasty.

3. Marlow, the New King

Marlow has already interested me since he showed up. This young blood seems to be about his business! Currently, it seems as though he has no plans of teaming up as he seeks to have the crown for the streets. However, a good point was brought up. In one of the episodes, he was speaking to the older gentleman who ran the rim shop. The point he made to Marlow was that there were plenty of young men that wore the “crown,” but died shortly after it. His response to that was that they had the crown, and that was all that mattered. This to me literally spells out that he will not be a long lived character if he keeps down the same path. However, I could entirely be wrong about that.

4. Lady problems…

McNulty and Kima seem to be in similar boats now. The only issue is that Kima is currently with her partner, and does not know how to balance work and home living. More importantly, she made it clear that she really did not want to have a kid. There seems to be a lot of differences between her and her partner, and I’m curious to see where this will go. Sometimes, it seems as though she is becoming another McNulty. Speaking of McNulty, he won’t quit on his chase will he? I wonder if he actually is done with his ex-wife or whether he was just fooling. As far as other bits of his relationship, I’m finding myself generally more and more uninterested. He just seems to be that guy looking to get some “cheap thrills.”

5. Vengeance cometh!

Omar is going to come back and get some vengeance. I am just curious to know when. He’s down one, and it is severely hurting his crew. To make matters worse, now he’s got the cops investigating, which means it will probably stall him a bit. I’m just waiting for his time to come.

6. Lastly (I could mention a bunch of things, but I’m just touching on the main things), Hamsterdam.

When the rest of the police force finds out about this place, they are going to freak out! This is not going to end well for the street or for the police. Sure it brings the murder rate down, but look at all the damage it is doing with drugs. It amazed me that Bubbs was looking at the place like, this was really bad. Junkies were everywhere and the kids were mixed in with it which made it worse. When the westside cops showed up, they were surprised when they had to not make arrests and return illegal goods. Again, if they were surprised about the dimension of chaos here, what are the higher ups going to say. They don’t even know about it!

Double Dailies

So here are 30 Doodles from today’s TDC. I rather enjoyed doing this one.

Each one is meant to be a series (going down).

1. Add one line and increment for each circle.

2. Draw a circle then increment for each circle.

3. Draw a square then increment for each circle.

4. Draw a triangle then increment for each circle.

5. Shade in part of the circle then shade a little more for each circle.

6. Make the circle go from white to black.

This was done on a small note card, so it made this slightly more challenging.

Changing the Past

This is an interesting question. I don’t think I would change a thing about my past. While my past is not flawless, I rather like that it has made me who I am today.

Most people would kill to have something like this, but I think I’d have to pass. I like how I am now, and changing anything in the past would affect the person that I am now.

Additional Thoughts on TDC’s

– These were both interesting this week. I really wanted to do the light one that was earlier, but I did not end up having the necessary materials. The Changing the Past TDC made me think a lot which was pretty good actually, but I rather enjoyed the 30 Doodles. I tried to make them similar in each column, and I think it turned out right.

Radio Show: Listen Up

This week I listened to Science and the Wire! Here were my thoughts on that:

1. The Discussion

Okay, so this is suppose to be about science; to most people that are not sciency, this would probably turn them off. However, the first major thing to note about this radio show is that these are not professors speaking; these are students, more importantly, they speak in common tongue. In other words, they made it easy to understand and explained everything very well. More importantly, the technical terms that they did use, they explained them in enough detail that it did not confuse, but rather brought the listeners up to speed. I’m rather impressed with how that went. Second, they made science behind the wire taps and surveillance pretty clear and it was actually very interesting. It brought up a lot of the realism in The Wire. I had one of those “The More You Know!” moments while I listened in. Kudos to this group! Not many professors can get that from me.

2. The Sounds

I did notice a couple of sound effects, specifically when different pieces of technology were mentioned. This was a nice addition to the radio show, and it added some more importance to each topic. It was also a cool feature to add into the show, and I liked the electronic sounds. I’m certain some people may not have liked this one as much because of a lack of music or other various sounds, but I thought the lack of sound helped focus more on the discussion at hand. For this show at least, less seemed to be more.

3. Commercials, Transitions, and Bumpers

All three of these were just good! The transition from the show to commercials via music was spot on. It made the flow of the show very smooth. The bumper was also spectacular as well. What I really enjoyed was the sound used for the transition. It was perfectly inline with the type of show. As for the commercials, those were awesome as well. I’m actually surprised they used a UMW-esque commercial (talk about free advertising). Overall, all of these really helped the transition and flow of the show. It was very well made and the group should be proud of themselves.

4. The Topic

Lastly, I think I should address the chosen topic. Now, I found this topic to be really interesting. I really enjoyed hearing about how all this stuff works in real life. I’m one of those people that looks into these kind of shows to see if they are using some realism in it or merely BS’ing their way through. This felt like one of those, “Behind the Scenes,” specials that you would see on HBO or something like that. To an extent, the group was sounding like professionals (which is good). I listened to the pre-show discussion, and it was nice to hear how the topic was picked. I am really glad to hear that the group managed to put this together with ease, and the quality came out really well.


If you are the kind of person who likes to hear about how stuff works, then give this radio show a listen! I think you will enjoy it, I know I certainly did. As far as first being the worst, this group said “%$&# THAT!!!” and made it awesome!

Additional Thoughts-  This was the only radio show I listened to, but if this was the pattern that others followed, I’m certain all of them were pretty darn awesome!

Inspired By…

This picture inspired me to go for creating excellent work. After I saw this picture, I decided I should probably step my game up and try to make some really awesome stuff. This picture was just designed very well.

Maybe this does not do for you what it does for me, but I rather enjoyed seeing this and it really did inspire me to up my game.

Congrats La Kisha Mahone; you’ve inspired me!

Jim Groom just keeps showing up on this site, and I’m not sure how. Anyways, this is a pretty darn good drawing, even if it is not using huge details. It really shines in the fact that the picture looks just like him!

This picture inspired me to keep doing simple work because huge details are not always needed to make art. This drawing was just really awesome, and I am glad i saw it.

Congrats Nicky Memita; you’ve inspired me!

This one inspired me to make a picture of my fan for one of the visual assignments. Something about this large boot was just cool to me. Perhaps, the post that the author made, inspired me, I’m not really sure. One thing is certain, this was done very well and I really like how this was done.

Congrats to the Wafflestomper; you’ve inspired me!

Additional Thoughts – This really took me by surprise, but there was so much out there that the DS106 community has done that has inspired me. I can’t name them all, but these were the ones that stood out to me a lot. I rather enjoyed taking a look back at everything. Keep up the good work everyone!

Comment Justice

So, I finally started commenting on you all’s work: Here are some things I had to say, follow the URL’s to see what I said (formatting issues here, plus checkout the person’s awesome work!):

Nicky Memita






David Mercer


Lauren Brumfield




La Kisha Mahone










It was fun commenting on other’s work! Hope to see more awesome stuff.


So now we are here at the end of another week!

Tune in next time for more awesomeness!


Most Interesting Week!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

This has been the most interesting week of ds106. Let’s not break tradition, and let me get this show rolling.

The Wire

The Wire keeps getting more and more interesting with each passing episode. For starters, the story behind the homicide rate in Baltimore keeps getting more interesting. First, the fact that they had to relieve one of the officers in charge of reducing the murder rate was an interesting move. The person they got to replace him seems to have a lot of work in his hands. I don’t really like his solution for trying to solve the problem by getting the gang members to move further down so they are out of their jurisdiction; it just seems, underhanded. Speaking of underhanded, I really don’t like that one guy who is trying to run for mayor (can’t remember his name, but he is new this season). He is the definition of a weasly character, and that puts him on my $#!% list already! Lastly, this entire predicament just rings of bad news going forward.

Speaking of bad news, what’s up between the Lieutenant and the lawyer? I completely did not see that coming. More importantly, if I’m not mistaken, Daniels is married, which to me, makes this more despicable. It just gives more dirt on his name (which he has a lot of dirt on his name already). Furthermore, with McNulty knowing about it, I smell trouble ahead. Then again, that is just me.

Continuing with family business, I’m beginning to notice that Kima is not adjusting greatly to the family thing. I was surprised to see her by the train tracks, hanging out with McNulty. Furthermore, she seems to be gathering some of his bad habits. It is interesting to see her and her partner’s interactions at home; based off of those actions, I have the feeling they won’t exactly be together for a long period of time. Speaking of which, I caught her giving that one lady a rather “McNulty” look while she was at the bar. I foresee even more trouble.

Even more trouble has arisen between the Barksdale Organization and Omar and his crew. First, I felt bad that Omar’s crew is now short a character; you could see that the entire group felt the pain of losing her. I know they are going to get some revenge for this. The Barksdale Organization also is getting more involved with the plot I see, especially Stringer. McNulty seems to be going after him again. I’m curious to know how long Stringer will last without Avon being there. Between gang members that can’t hold their own, “40 degree days,” and issues with finding territory. I am very curious to see whether or not everything will still be together when Avon finally gets out. I am surprised that he is getting probabtion; the guards really did not want to give it to him.

I am finding this season to get more and more interesting.

Still Doin’ My Dailies

Carl Cattler now sees nothing, but the eyes of the tiger. The tiger lunged forward and ripped his head clean off. What happened next was a bizarre feat that no tiger has ever accomplished. The tiger then mounted his head on a wall and stairs into his eyes; the tiger looks deeply into them, almost as though it is attempting to see into the life of its recent victim. The eye of the tiger is all Carl can see (if he could see at all really), and it is the thing that peers back into his very soul.

What was once Carl Cattler is now Carl the Deceased.

This was for today’s TDC!

I know it is really grim, but that was the first thing that came to mind. I decided to get slightly creative with the head mounting, but that still is quite creepy. Maybe I’m feeling inspired by the upcoming Halloween… I don’t know.

Further Thoughts – This one was really just done in the Halloween spirit. Or perhaps I have a truly twisted mind (cue evil laughing). Nah, but really it was done in the Halloween spirit.

Radio Show

Now this was truly interesting. Throughout the past couple of weeks, I worked in a group to develop a radio show. The development was pretty good! We used Audacity to fully record our conversations, and create the commercials that were in the show.

I was responsible for editing the final question, and I was responsible for creating the rehab commercial. The music in the commercial was the song from FFX: Besaid Island (I have no idea why I chose this one in particular; it sounded rather peaceful). The sound effects in the last question came from, the specific mentions for those effects can actually be found in the last question segment. Here are the credits to those sounds:


MentalSanityOff –…f/sounds/218318/

I personally think everything came out well, and we put a lot of work into this. It was very fun meeting some of the people in this class as well. On a random note, Jim Groom showed up on the first day that we met as a group; what a coincidence!

My final thoughts – MY TEAM IS AWESOME!


Most of this week has been devoted to making the Radio Show, so I hope you all give it a listen and some feedback.

Thank you all for taking the time to read!


Of Breaks and Weekends

Well, we have made it to the end of yet another week. Between break and midterms, we have all been rather busy.

I can’t say for certain, but I hope this week’s post will brighten your break!

The Wire

This week, I got to see how the story behind the Sobotkas ended and I got to see the Barksdale organization attempt to come back together. I was rather impressed that the entire group of main characters are still together at the beginning of season 3. However, it pains me to see that the cops are just as rough as the criminals. The fact that Daniels is basically denied his promotion simply because his wife is running against the mayor is rather despicable. It just seems as though he can’t quite get out from under everyone else. Among other Wire related things, I’m beginning to wonder if Bubbles is ever going to go clean. He had a bit of a revelation after he was held at gunpoint for colliding with that gang member’s car. It seemed like that could be a potential reason for him to go clean, but at the same time, he just seems incapable of coming clean.

Continuing with the Barksdale Organization, Stringer seems to have a bunch of wily individuals underneath him. Like most leaders, he can’t control everyone at all times. Someone is going to slip up at some point, and he is going to have to be responsible for dealing with it. Likewise, I am curious to know whether he will have additional run ins with Omar or Brother Mouzone. Both of them seem to have his number now, The most interesting thing about this is that it seems as though Avon will be getting out sometime this season possibly.

The last thing that caught my attention in these two episodes was the continued situation between McNulty and his wife. I’m not really too fond of this story to be quite honest; McNulty can be a jerk, but I really despise his wife. There is just something about her that I don’t like. I can’t really put my finger on.

Double Dailies

The Wire: A Tale of Tools

The Wire is a show about a technician. This technician is responsible for re-wiring the electricity in broken houses that were damaged by various things. Some of these things include storms, fire, natural disasters, or even vandalism. The show takes place in Italy, and features a cast of various technicians that work across the world. Only the master technicians get assigned to these jobs. You will see the drama and life that goes behind wiring homes. This show is amazing, and is worth the watch. You will never see electric currents like you will in the Wire.

This was my description of the Wire!
Hope you enjoy the accuracy of it.
Let me know what you think; it was pretty fun making a mockup of a show that we are all currently watching.

Additional Thoughts – I like how this really turned out. It was an interesting assignment and the idea of using tools and wiring was the first thing I could think of. I also really enjoyed reading other people’s descriptions of The Wire. They were all quite hilarious!

And so a lone wanderer discovered a cave at the edge of darkness.

As soon as I saw this was up, I knew I had to make a cave doodle for a minifig to explore. This was a fun and simple daily create!

Again, since I’m not too good at drawing this is just a hastily drawn cave, but I think this all turned out pretty good.

Additional Thoughts – If I was not at home, I don’t think I would have been able to make this as I did. I am not quite certain why I chose a cave, or even how I chose it, but I rather enjoyed this one. If I was not told to do a drawing, I would have actually built a cave out of bricks. However, perhaps that is for another kind of assignment.

Hey Does This Work

Alright here is a short audio clip of the adventurer’s shack. Creating this simply required my mic, my computer’s sound recorder, and a quiet area. I also had to pull to different voices to act out a scene (I’m not too good at making different voices so it might not be the best).

I originally wanted to make a scene based off of a shop that sells various goods to travelling adventurers. The idea comes from a compilation of fantasy junk that basically sits in the back of my head. This is actually more or less like a travelling merchant; you might end up seeing more from the adventurer’s shack one day. Anyways, the primary inspiration comes from various video games where there are travelling merchants dealing with all sorts of adventuring groups. And so we have a merchant dealing with a more, interesting, individual.

This was a fun one to create. I used the sound recorder on my computer and a basic headset. However, unlike other recordings, I grabbed my brother to assist me with this one while I was at home. After going over the assignment, he was ready to help.

The idea for the product actually came from Futurama, specifically from the episode where the head of Planet Express was attempting to sell the company on the stock market. With that idea, we just needed to be ridiculous and make it sound entertaining. After I told my brother about the idea, he laughed and we went over some quick things before recording.

Sounds are from

spoonbender –…r/sounds/244942/

IFartInUrGeneralDirection –…on/sounds/74646/

cornodrig –

This sound was made from various sound that I found on I also used the Audacity software to trim, and adjust the volume of the different sounds in each file. Finding them was not too difficult; it just took the search bar and a rough idea of what I specifically wanted to find.

I rather enjoyed making this one. I had originally intended to add more sounds, but I found these three really made my idea come to life. I got the idea to make a forest sound after sitting back and thinking of places where you hear unique sounds. The forest came up shortly; you really do hear a lot of different noises that all get associated with one thing. Rather than picking everything, I chose some sounds and put them together to create this.

After trimming the sounds, I adjusted the volume to make the river seem further off (it was really noisy at first) and increased the volume of the trees rustling. All in all, I think it came out pretty decently.

I’m still getting use to some of the options and layouts in Audacity, but so far it is proving to be a solid piece of software for sound editing.

Additional Thoughts on All – I am getting use to using sound equipment, and I am also getting use to messing around with audacity some more. There are many things that you can do with sound equipment. I like how each one turned out, and it was very entertaining having someone else with me when I recorded the Swap Shop one. If you get the chance to ever have anyone else help out with an audio assignment do it! It is a lot of fun.


In Conclusion

This has been a fun week, and I am hoping the following week will be even better with the Radio Show assignment getting done.

See you all later!


Designing, “LIKE A BOSS!”

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

Once again we have made it to the end of another thrilling week!

As usual, a lot of stuff has happened this week, so let’s begin.

The Wire

Okay everyone, I have seen a bunch of wild stuff in The Wire, but this week really took the cake for me. I will start with the first thing that took me by surprise. 1) WTF with Ziggy! If you saw my scene poster, I kind of went into it, but here is basically what I said. I knew he was an unstable character, but I did not see that coming at all. He just walked into the place and lit the place up with gunfire! When I saw that, I thought he was going to begin a darker route, but he immediately showed remorse for what he had done. However, he completely gave his family the push that was needed to basically put the family in a bad situation. I’m curious to see how it all ends for the Sobotkas. Currently, because of Ziggy, they have broken the number one rule for international dealings: Do not ef with international dealers; they are hardcore!

In other news, I have found my new favorite character in The Wire. Brother Mouzone was recently introduced and it does not appear that he is going to disappear any time soon. To make matters worse, I believe he knows he was set up. The look he gave Stringer had the, “I know it was you,” look. If that is the case, I have a strange feeling him and Omar are going to be going after Stringer together. That is double guns for what person; that is not going to end well. I’m slowly beginning to see that the Barksdale organization is going to come back, but in what shape or form, I do not yet know.

On another note, seeing Prez hit the major was priceless. I had to watch that at least three times before I moved on in the episode. It was completely warranted! He’s all worried about getting Sobotka, he is not even seeing the full picture! Furthermore, it came from a character you did not expect it to come from. Daniel’s unit is shaping up to be more interesting with each episode. Unfortunately, I feel as though the time they have together is coming to a quick end.

Speaking of ends, I have a feeling that The Greek and his main associate are going to get out of this without being caught. I also have a feeling that they will tie back into the Barksdale organization somehow. They seem somewhat closer given that Stringer has a connection with Proposition Joe, but that might just be me.

Those are my main thoughts on The Wire for the week. I can’t wait to see how this season ends!

Doin’ them Dailies!

In case you missed it, here is what I’ve been up with my DC’s

So this here is my empathy map!

Here is a short explanation of each field:


T.G.I.T. – Thank God it’s Thursday! Since I don’t have classes on Friday, this is always being heard from me. It makes the weekend so much sweeter!

Say & Do

I can do this (say) – I say I can get things done in an orderly fashion, and finish them early, but the reality of it is… no I can’t!


Too much work- nufsaid :)

Think & Feel?

How am I suppose to do that? – This ties in with the say and do; it comes after I recognize that I can’t do something.

I feel tired… – Don’t we all to be quite honest?


Overwhelming at times – It happens to us all


Work hard now; do nothing later – It really pays to do the work now so you can chill later!

Additional Thoughts

– This one was pretty fun to do! It made me think for a second about my average day/week. I think I summed it up pretty well.

Well, you all know I am not an artist!

But here is an attempt from me, to draw a silhouette of me. It is roughly about 72% accurate, which is pretty darn good coming from me!

It ain’t pretty, but it is some form of art.

Happy 1000th TDC!

I figured I’d make a whale in a window, going for money for this TDC! I also added an additional shape (which now that I look at it, it looks more like a painting).

This was a fun one to create.

Additional Thoughts

– I really felt this was my best one. I merged three pictures well and even added something else to it for some flare. I don’t know what else to really say; I just really like this one!

On the Topic of Design

Alrighty, if you did not see it, you missed out on my opinions on the design booklet. Here’s the blog post:

Thoughts On: The Vignelli Canon

I feel like I learn something new in this class every week. I took a read through the Vignelli Canon expecting to read yet another bland article, but I was surprised by the creativity that was shared.

The biggest part of this booklet that stuck out to me was when the author talked about the use of fonts and spacing in books. I had to literally stop and think about it for a moment. After thinking about it for a moment, I began to grab various books that were in my room; textbooks, on-line articles, guide books, novels, and a few more books were grabbed from around my room. I began to take a look at how things were sectioned off to reveal importance or in some books they were sectioned off to go off on a separate tangent. Seeing how fonts were arranged was also interesting, especially with how they were centered on the page.

Another thing that I found interesting in the article was the idea of scale. Scale is something that I actually look for, especially since I am a builder. The fact that he stated that it is something that must be continually tweaked for each instance it is used was something I can really agree with. Usually, scale is important because it allows certain things to be examined more closely or it can lessen the importance of some things. It really made me think as I considered the scale of certain builds I have made.

Color was also another aspect that he touched on that I had to agree with. As I stated in my design blitz, I found that color itself was capable of conveying certain messages that everyone could relate to. For example, something that is suppose to be scary is typically not going to use rainbow colors (unless it is a clown). Likewise, happiness it typically not conveyed through dark and scary colors. In some ways, the omission of color tells us a lot. For example, when someone wants to design something that appears to be from the past, they might use black/white color scheme or a sepia like color scheme.

Texture is also another concept that I found interesting. His points on the differences between smooth and rough textures is something that I really found important in design. Again, as a builder, when I designed a cliff or a rocky pass, certain pieces helped create that texture of rockiness. If I had not had used those pieces, the space would have come out smooth, which was not what I was looking for. It is something very important that needs to be examined when designing something.

Time to Blitz Again!!!

Blitz happening again! That was terrible… I’m sorry. This week we had a design blitz, which was just as cool as the last blitz! If you missed it, here it is:

Alright folks I’d like to tell you all about a recent trip I had across campus.

I read online that I had to do this little thing called a “design blitz.” Seeing as how I enjoyed the last blitz, I decided to go on a walk across campus. I searched up and down to see stuff that really stuck out to me, and it was not until I made it to my car (because I was thinking of going to Five Guys, and later did) that I saw this:


– I’m certain many of you have seen this tag on the back of cars, but today I really stood still and took a look at it. This tag spells out the word coexist, but it uses the different emblems of religions/philosophies to spell out the word. Now, I know this holds more symbolism, but the way they are all used to effectively spell a word, and more importantly a powerful word, makes the arrangement and use of them far more effective in the word. I mean think about it, if they had just used some cool font for the word, would it really make much of a difference? Would it really mean that much?

Anyways, I continued my walk out of the parking lot, but then found myself stopping in the same parking lot to look at something that we all see, every, single, day, of, our, lives:


– Now, I bet you are wondering why there is a picture of a “DO NOT ENTER” sign. Well, as I was leaving the parking lot, I had a quick thought about the color of this sign, and all signs for that matter. I had to ask the question, “Why is this sign red? Why isn’t it blue or white?” For that matter, I stopped to think about other signs that were similar to this; stop signs, yield signs, and stop lights are all red. Somehow, we associated the color “red” with a warning. These kind of signs effectively use colors to convey some form of a message that we all can recognize.

After thinking about a sign for a while (which I would not do in the middle of a parking lot, people look at you strangely), I made my way up the hill (I’m not a real fan of the hill still), and stopped once more to look at a very famous structure on campus:


– Have you ever noticed that this structure is the same on all four sides? It is the same no matter which side you look at it from, and all the characteristics of it are the same. It is not darker on some sides, or lighter on some sides. It holds the same features and creates a balanced look. I had never stopped to look at the bell tower, but I saw it today and it really stood out. I’m not sure why.

Now then, after my little observation at the bell tower, I decided to make my way back to my dorm. All sorts of objects, posters, and other devices began to to really stand out, but then I found something in my hall that was perfect for the next category:


– This is a poster for a play. It is really simple, but take a look at the background and focus on the word doubt. The poster is literally an expression of the word doubt. Furthermore, the background is a black mist, which gives a strange sense. When you focus on the word and the background alone, all you see is doubt with nothing else around it. Sure you could have added some picture or object, but the lack of an object and the word alone + the background really create a good advertisement that focuses on the symbol alone.

With my trip now at an end, I stopped to look over each picture and make my final thoughts. I felt like they accurately explained several elements in design, and I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Now You Try It!!!

So, after all this stuff on design, it was time to start designing my own stuff. So, here is what I designed this week:

This is my poster design for the Scene Poster Assignment.

After seeing the picture of Omar with a gun, I immediately recall this scene and said, “LET’S GO!” I grabbed a picture off of google and booted up powerpoint to make this. A couple of text boxes, comic sans font, and BAM! This picture came out as a poster. I added in at least two of his quotes followed by a couple of remarks that might be made during this specific scene.

I really wanted to use this scene because this one caught me off guard. I somewhat knew Ziggy was unstable, but this one took the cake! I was expecting him to rage and throw a tantrum with a lot of fowl language, but when he came in, I was like, “Whoa, I have to remember this scene!”

I think it turned out pretty well! Let me know if the picture needs to be resized and I’ll definitely look into resizing it!

The Wire and Jim Groom… what do they have in common? Well they are both famous!

I wanted to make Jim telling a character in The Wire to make art, so this worked out perfectly! I just wished I had a more ridiculous picture of Jim! Anyways, I made this picture in powerpoint as well, and used the crop features in the software. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to round it off so the picture of Jim is still rectangular.

I figured it would be funny for Jim to say make art to Frank Sobotka, seeing as how he is the most tense character in this season (at least to me). Again, if I knew how to round off the picture, I would have loved to have done that. The other reason I chose this picture of all things is because it just seemed out of place. If I know one thing, making out of place pictures can be really entertaining!

Alright here is my take on a READ poster. I created this with powerpoint like all of my other pictures. If the picture is of lesser quality, it is because I resized it. The process of creating this was fairly simple as usual.

On the other hand,

The inspiration for this is more of a story. I originally wanted to find a picture of Brother Mouzone (my favorite character now) reading. However, I did not find a picture of him with a book after searching for about thirty minutes, I stumbled upon this picture. Where Lester was seated looking at this device and everyone else had a strange look on their face. When I realized that the person did not necessarily need to be reading a book, I had my picture!

The second part of my inspiration came from the Boondocks comic strips. The whole phrase, “READ DUMMY!” was inspired by Huey Freeman and his campaign to get more people to read. It generally came with him yelling that at someone and throwing a newspaper or article at the person he was yelling at. I figured this would be perfect for Lester, since he is the one sitting at the laptop (as I called it).

For everyone who hates getting cut off, this one is for you! It was made on powerpoint using shapes and textboxes. I originally had this as a striped yellow and black, but it was difficult to read, so I stuck with black borders and a large warning.

I created this because I wanted to give the person behind your car a quick message about cutting me off. I have to say, I thought about this for a while. There are so many good bumper stickers that could be designed, it was hard to choose from.

However, given the fact that we all have had that asshole who cut us off, this is the perfect sticker to have on your bumper. I personally have not had many of these moments, but it has happened plenty of times to people I know (or have ridden with).

This is a picture of the light in my room. This picture has not been modified and this is the actual picture. I started taking random pictures of interesting things in my room and then this happened! Randomly, this looks black and white, but it has not been modified by my camera or any photo editing software.

I just naturally got this picture from my room. The reason I actually took a picture of it was because this is a strange looking light. More importantly, this is the only time I have seen a light like this on campus. To make it even more interesting, that is the only light in my room that was here from the beginning, and it is not even centered in the room to provide the most light.

This is just an awkward light, and that is why it originally caught my interest. The fact that the picture was naturally black and white in color just made it worth posting even more.

Additional Thoughts

– I found these assignments to be pretty fun. One of the more interesting things about these assignments that I liked was finding the perfect things to design. I found myself putting a good amount of time into each one to try to convey the right message to the viewer. I really hope I managed to do that in each one.


In Conclusion

This has been a fun week and I really hope that more weeks bring more fun. I’ll have to give making my own assignment a shot!

Wrapping up loose ends!

Now then, if you recall last week I put up a subtle change picture. While I have not managed to get a new picture showing the difference I will explain it here.

The difference is the waist band in the orange pair of legs. It is a color difference between dark-blueish gray (bley as many LEGO users call it) and the old fashioned grey color. It is hard to spot to the untrained eye!

That’s all for this week; thanks for reading!


The Big Picture

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Once more we are back at the end of yet another thrilling week.A lot has happened this week for all of us, and I must say it has been fun despite me being sick. But anyways, enough of me yammering about my health, here is a breakdown of what has been going on.


The Wire

This week’s episodes of the wire were all rather thrilling. I was very happy to see the Lieutenant finally get McNulty on the case; I can’t wait to see who he can piss off in the weeks to come. I am also happy to see that Bunk is now on the team as well. His personality is just down right hilarious at times (seriously, pissing on a railroad while talking with McNulty); furthermore, who can forget him coming into work wearing sweats. I especially like Lester’s comment on his lacrosse sweat shirt. Kima and Daniel’s situation with their partner/wife is also continuing to get more interesting. The expression Kima’s partner had when she was shown the type of container where the dead women were found somewhat confused me. At least on my computer (resolution for videos is kind of meh), it looked like she fully understood why Kima took the assignment, but at the same time it did not look like that. Meanwhile, Daniel’s wife is under the impression that he should have just left rather than jump back into this mess. On another note, I did get an “Oh $#!%” moment when the tennis ball with the wire in it got destroyed. I’m curious to know if anyone else had one of those kind of feelings.

The biggest part about this week’s episodes that really stuck out to me was the situations surrounding Omar and the Barksdale Organization. Firstly, the fact that Omar shut that lawyer up was just priceless! I have been waiting for an entire season for someone to stick it to that dirt bag, and it finally happened! IT WAS SO SATISFYING!!!!  What is even more impressive is that he lied about the gun and got away with it. Omar and McNulty’s conversation at the end was just good. It was almost akin to when you do something bad and get away with a lie then your friend asks you “Did you actually do it?” and you give them an answer that eludes to saying “yeah.” The downside to this good event was seeing D’Angelo die. All he wanted was to get out of the game and start anew, but he could not do it. I think it would not have been nearly as bad if had put up a fight, but seeing him choked to death was just not a good way to go out. To make matters worse, everyone believes he killed himself, and is calling him “weak.” I am wondering will Avon find out that Stringer had him killed eventually; for that matter, I’m beginning to wonder will Stringer end up running everything one day. Stringer is becoming a very good bad guy. Not only did he have D’Angelo killed, but then he even showed up at the funeral and showed up at the house of D’s mom and acted like he did not do a thing. That’s just cold-blooded.

Lastly, the Sobotkas are really beginning to get more and more interesting. Ziggy still comes across to me as being a little punk that thinks he tough. The fact that he is upset with Nick because he does not let him handle the packages is just baffling. As Nick stated in S2E08, all he has to do is sit there and collect money; this literally means he does not have to do anything, but squirrel it away rather than just act like it’s nothing. I mean for crying out loud he threw that stack of money out of the car like it was nothing. I was more impressed no one was around to grab it! Nick is a little more interesting with each episode. From what I can tell, he seems to be using this money to try and get his life running. Between his kid, his girl, and trying to get a new house, he seems to be doing all of this shady stuff just to get ahead with them. Again, that is what I can tell; I still have some pondering to do about that. Frank, on the other hand, is always pissed off. His office is like a can of pissed off. He visually shows it, and the environment around him tends to show it. I think he has gotten wise to the cops though, which was pretty darn fast to be quite honest. Right now, he seems to be really concerned about keeping family together and safe (a theme I’m beginning to see in this series), but at the same time it begs the question as to why he continues to do these shady dealings.

I know I sad lastly, but this is just another random note. I believe I heard dogs howling during McNulty’s “booty calls.” I’m looking for those audio cues now :)

The Wire Live

These were the main things that stuck out to me as I visually saw them. For some odd reason, when there was dialogue and noise, they did not really stick out to me, but when everything was quiet, they all stuck out clearly. These assignments have actually been pretty neat experiments. Again, I had more posts, but these were the ones that really stuck out to me as the most important and note-worthy ones.

Doin’ My Dailies

Drawing of Jim Groom as A Stick Figure


As I have stated before, I am no artist, but I can draw stickfigures (barely)!

So I decided to draw Jim Groom, with lightning. For some odd reason the name “Reverend” sounds like lightning should be associated with it. Perhaps I’ve played one to many fantasy games.

Additional Thoughts

– I don’t think I have anything to add. For once this felt satisfying. I might would have made his head bigger, that seems to be a common theme.

The Noise of Sick Life


Unfortunately, I have been sick over the weekend, but I managed to capture the sounds around me. They aren’t the best, and I don’t have the best sound equipment, but it came out decently I think. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the 30 seconds of sick life.

Additional Thoughts

– Again I am sorry that I was not able to make anything more interesting for this, but I was cooped up in my room, and trying to avoid others as much as possible. What you are hearing is my fan. It actually took several attempts to capture the noise of it because it just did not come out correctly many times.

Photo Blitz Fun!

This week (more like today) I participated in my first photo blitz! It was fun to say the least and I would write more on it, but I actually tried to tell it like a small tale. So let me just put it here and let you read it, rather than me summarize it!

It started at 12:43, and I had no clue what I was going to take pictures of. So when I am typically hopeless and lost, I go for a walk. It allows me to gather my thoughts and sift out a bunch of useless ideas.

#1. Forced Perspective – make something small look big or something big look small.

That is until I ran into the world’s smallest fire extinguisher! Either that or I am getting a lot taller. I saw this one and figured this had to go in the blitz. With that all said and done, I was feeling pretty positive about how this photo blitz was going to go. I continued walking out of my dorm and cut to the back of Monroe where I found…

#2. Make an abstract or literal photo that expresses how you feel.

I feel like I am changing all the time. And it is more than just classes, phases of life, or attitude. Either that or I took the picture because I’m changing from sick back to healthy (I still feel pretty terrible :( ). Anyways, I took this picture and continued down campus, awaiting to see what pictures I could take. I passed Lee Hall and made my way towards Trinkle. It was here where I saw an interesting item, and took…

#3. How do ants see the world? Change your perspective!

You might not be able to tell, but let me explain why this one is important. That green object in the center is a cup, but not just any cup. It is a Krispy Kreme cup! Any ant would go haywire for all that sugary goodness. I figured this would be a perfect spot to get an ant’s perspective on the world. I took a moment to collect myself then I noticed that campus looked really nice today.

#4. Take a landscape photo

Truth be told, I did not know whether it meant landscape as in varied terrain or whether it meant a landscape style photo. Either way, I figured I captured some variety in this picture and it was on the way so I felt really good about this one. Unfortunately, I believe I was running out of time, and there were still three more pictures left! So I began to make my way towards a clearing to grab the next picture.

#5. Change perspective! Look up in the sky and take a photo of what’s going on.

Zilcho! Nothing is happening in the sky! It did get another picture finished, so I hurried back to the nearest building, because I really needed to find a window. This lead me back into my dorm to take yet another picture.

#6. Take a photo of a scene looking out of a window.

Unfortunately, my dorm’s windows are rather terrible and disgusting. The fountain would look much better if I could have gotten into a classroom in Monroe, but I could not. My time was running out and the last photo was not going to happen, but then I saw it! I knew it was my destiny to finish off with a bang (more like a wimper)!

#7. Take a photo of a bird today.

A reflective bird sticker was on a glass in the dorm. I was saved, and managed to get all 7 photos! Now before you get into a tizzy-fit, I looked for an actual bird, but they all seemed to be high up in trees. They weren’t being too cooperative today, but what do you really expect from birds? My alarm began to go off, and that let me know that my twenty minutes were up! Unfortunately, my friends, I must bid you farewell!

Start 12:43 – 1:03


Pictures 4 Fun!

5 Dots, 4 Lines 1 Curve

So this was an interesting assignment. The goal was to draw something using 4 lines, 5 dots, and 1 curve. I immediately thought of the classic ice cream cone you learn to draw as a kid. I had one big, pink dot, and four smaller ones as sprinkles. Add in a nice caramel curve, and the ice cream itself is finished!

Next came the cone, which required two lines to make (you can sneak an extra curve in if you used the big pink dot). I had two lines left so I decided to cross them to somewhat make a waffle cone.

That was pretty easy! I’d like to see what you can do. Speaking of which, let me know what you think!

Additional Thoughts

– This one was pretty easy and fun to do! I’m certain more artistic students can come up with some really cool things. I, on the other hand, can only think of ice cream.


<Assignment name eludes me at the moment>

One of these things just doesn’t belong here… I’m very curious to know if you can find it! This one was simple for me to make because I immediately thought about LEGO.

This did not take long to make, it just took a couple of minifig parts, the correct lighting, macro mode on a camera, and the right little illusion. Kudos to you if you can spot the difference!

Additional Thoughts

– If you can’t figure it out I will tell you the answer, but as for now, I am not going to say anything!


What’s in your Gullet?

These are the last beverages I have had over the weekend. If you are wondering why they are full, it is because I did not want to sift through my garbage to go and grab the empty bottles, especially since sick materials are the majority of my trash at the moment.

Why go with those drinks?

– Water is just plain good. You never know how much you miss it until you go to another country where the water is not so clean and all you can drink is the purified water they bring you (which I might add will run out very quickly). Dr. Pepper is just another one of those really awesome sodas that are out there. If you are on campus, Seaco actually has really good Dr. Pepper, but not the Nest. Remember that little fact!. Lastly, Mountain Dew is gamer fuel/programming fuel! It is by far my favorite soda. If I’m going to be up all night, I’m grabbing Mountain Dew!


Were any of the meals you had with them extraordinary?

– The meal I had with Mountain Dew was pretty extraordinary. I ordered Chinese since I was feeling better on Saturday and had a bottle of it with some General Tso’s Chicken. It was phenomenal! Yes I do consider this extraordinary, it is not campus food damn-it!

Who did you have them with, if anyone?

– Oddly enough, I did have each one of these drinks as I was talking with my brother over Xbox Live and watching Youtube videos. It is as close as I wanted to get to anyone while I was feeling under the weather. And before you ask, no while I was at the worst of my sickness, I was only drinking water. I literally just had a Mountain Dew yesterday and a Dr. Pepper today (although I’ve got one of each in reserve now).

That’s whats in my Gullet!

Additional Thoughts

– I must reiterate once more, I did not go digging through my trash to find the bottles since my trash is full of sick materials. Since I had additional bottles of what I drank, I just took pictures of already filled bottles. If I had seen this assignment ahead of time then I would have left them out rather than trashing them.


Larger than Life

Here is a photo of one of my fans!

This is the smaller of my two fans and this picture actually makes it seem really tall now that I look at it. I image that a minifig would see this as some form of a dark spire that possesses wind energy, but that’s just my thought on it. The lightning was not necessarily bright, but that was done to try and make this a bit of a dark picture of a towering object. Unfortunately, since this was a black object, I placed it against a white wall just to contrast it so you could clearly see that this was a fan.

Additional Thoughts

– I really need better lighting I know! I will try to get some better lights as I go along!

Edit: Here is the link to my last visual assignment. I found out one of my assignments was actually worth 2 stars even though it said 4. Here is the link to the last assignment.



Wrapping Up

This week has been a blast! I have had fun. However I do have one problem that still needs to be solved.


We have a project coming up and I still need a group, so if anyone is interested or if there is a list going around, let me know so I can get on it.

Sadly though, we are at the end of another week.

See you all next weekend!


Audio, Audio, Audio: A Tale of the Week

Alrighty, here we are at the end of another week. Let us start this out on a good note.

The Wire

(Unfortunately I watched all the episode back to back so it all just merges together)

Now everything is beginning to pick up. I am beginning to see where the story is going to center around a lot of the activity at the dock. I am very curious to see how McNulty will get involved with the actual case that is going to start up. McNulty is edging closer and closer to ending up in this case. Speaking of McNulty, his family issues are some what weird to watch. To be quite honest, I am not entirely interested in his family life. However, I can tell you that I am interested to see what becomes of D’Angelo and the rest of Barksdale’s crew in prison. I really have the feeling that something bad is going to happen because D’Angelo is clearly showing that he no longer wants to be in the “game” anymore. It is funny to me that Avon and the others do not exactly see what he actually wants. By Stringer’s dialogue, it seems as though they want to put him away from that stuff, but still want him to stay in the game.

Now then, I am excited to see the team getting together again, but I am very curious to see how this all works out. Especially since Quima and Daniel’s wife/partner seriously did not want that to happen. That specific scene where they rounded around the table between the four was just perfect. Nothing needed to be said, you just watched facial expressions. That alone told you what was going on.

The story about Ziggy and Nick is also warming up. Their personalities are just completely different and the way they go about things are just different. I am very curious to see how this situation with paying back those gang members goes. I mean, Ziggy’s car is gone and I am not really seeing how he is going to pay them back. The situation just looks bad.

These are just some thoughts on The Wire.


Daily Creates

This week, I created two daily creates. Here is some stuff about them:

That Feeling when you Pass a Test

You really gotta be happy when you pass that test you studied for. Especially when you work hard, and pass it with flying colors.

I just wanted to add this picture up for a daily create; it really summed up a lot of happiness that is generated on campus (at least academic wise).

How to Burpee

This was an interesting daily create. I’ve never heard of this being called a burpee before. However, I figured putting a helpless stick figure through it is much better than me trying to do it.

Additional Thoughts

Passing a Test – This one seriously does speak for itself. Coming up with this picture was a no brainer. We have all been there! We have all taken a test (especially if it was a hard one) and passed it with flying colors at some point. You really do feel like it is your birthday. If you have never experienced that feeling, then you really need to join the club; it is an awesome feeling!

How to Burpee- As stated, I never even knew what this even was. I have done them before, and I have terrible memories of them. That was where I found inspiration to draw this up. Specifically in the stick figure’s speech. One thing you will learn about me is that I am not into the whole exercise thing. Especially doing these.


Brainstorm Time!

In case you missed it, here it is:

The Wire and Technology goes off of the basis of a couple of main points:

1. This show was done in 2003 (correct me if I’m wrong).

2. The technology used is probably out dated.

3. Criminal methods have probably improved over years.

So, what I was thinking was what if The Wire had been made in 2014? How would it be different? Would character representations be different? Would the kind of technology they used, such as pagers and pay phones (I haven’t seen either of these in years) still be used? Other interesting things to take a look at would include various some scenes where certain technology was used as well. I’m just curious to know how would this show be different; I think it would be at least.

I’m still cooking the idea in my head, so that is all for now; I will probably update this if I think of anything else.

Additional Thoughts

Wire and Technology – I think this could possibly go somewhere. Methods and routines typically change overtime as technology changes. Furthermore, with more advanced technology now becoming common, this could drastically change how certain events and scenes could be portrayed in The Wire. Again, right now I just need some more feedback, and some more time to fully let the idea cook. I feel like I am going somewhere with this, I just need a little direction.


On the Jennifer Ralston Interview

Rather than me telling you a brief version of what I wrote, feel free to take a look at it right here!

First thing is first, I am amazed at the level of detail that went into making this interview; it was very clear, informative, and it was professional on all level! So with that out of the way, let me give a summary on my thoughts for the interview.

1. The More You Know

I had no clue that so much time and effort was devoted towards sound. It was stated in the interview that the, “Behind the Scenes,” tidbits that are done on television are generally focused around actors, the filming, or even some research behind a given show. However, none of them have ever focused on the amount of detail that goes into producing the specific sound effects that really add to the moment. I think I truly discovered how important sound was when I listened to S2E04 of The Wire, and then listened to the sections of The Wire that were in the interview. The sound really does add to the atmosphere in a way that most people do not notice.

2. Hidden Secrets

Most people do not know me, but I am the kind of person who does not read into things. My mind was blown when Jennifer mentioned that the different sound effects were also cues to certain events/activities that were going on. For example, when McNulty is on his “booty calls” and dogs are making noise. I actually looked up those scenes, and heard a dog howling, and it consistently did that. Furthermore, she brought up a very valid point about silence. Rather than making the different scenes quiet, Jennifer stated that reinforcing sounds in the given area is key because you generally would not notice them if people were talking. Again, I would have never noticed any of this, and that is what amazed me!

3. Sound and Reality

Okay, was anyone else impressed with her explanation of the sounds in the scene where Quima got shot? I sure as hell was! The first time I saw that scene, it was a disaster. Voices, choppers, cars, sirens, radios, and more were making so much noise. Yet, in all the confusion, it all made sense as to what was going on. Think about it for a second; most movies would probably have a couple of radio calls then an epic, car rush to get to the scene (cue epic music as well). However, what we witnessed was a rushed incident that made sense in the show, and more importantly, made sense in reality. By that I mean, the radio calls meant something, rather than them being just some random calls over radio because the viewers probably do not know any better. The fact that they got an actual cop to sit down and make the radio calls make sense is just awesome. I had my suspicions about whether this show had some real elements in it, and now I think I can definitely say it does.

4. Sound and $$$ (your suppose to make that cha-ching sound!)

Rarely do I care what happens outside of my major. I will admit, that it was very interesting to hear that sound design is actually a good field to go into. I was impressed to hear that she got paid to do it while in school. I was also amazed to hear that very few people actually go into creating these sounds. Sounds make up a lot of memorable moments in movies (not including music). The level of detail that was outlined in the production of it was really interesting as well. She gave a good view of how sound production has changed as technology has. The one part that really stood out was when she talked about the scene where D’Angelo and Stringer were talking near traffic. She mention that on one side you had traffic sound being picked up by the mic, but on the other side, you did not get those sounds. The fact that they manage to blend those together to produce a realistic sounding scene is phenomenal! I can see why someone working in sound gets paid so much; when they do a good job like that, it really blends in well!

5. Final Thoughts 

I was thoroughly impressed with the interview, and I left it feeling like I knew much more. The questions asked were on par, and the overall discussion was entertaining and worth listening to. I typically do not listen to these kind of things simply because they are rather dull to me, but this one was just perfect!


Now, onto the last and most interesting part of the week.

Audio, Audio, Audio

Let me take you through all of these, one by one:

This was my very first sound story. Here are my thoughts on it:

Credits to sounds from:
jmbphilmes –

Yuval –

vhlam –

joedeshon –

mungous –

Here was my first attempt at creating a sound story. If you can guess the sounds, give yourself a pat on the back! Creating this was much different than anything I have ever made before. I have not had a proper tutorial on Audacity, but this was attempt #1. Finding sounds was rather fun on free sounds! I began by looking for the most persistent, background noises then built up from there. I am curious to know how to move sound to later parts of the track though. That will probably useful for future events.

Additional Thoughts – I think that this went well. I really want to see a full tutorial on how to use Audacity. I pretty much had to create this on trial and error, but I know you can do some wild things with it. I initially wanted to go with a person walking through the rain and going home, but I wound up with a person leaving home to go on a walk in the rain. Either way, I tried my best to capture a semi-busy neighborhood in a city. All the sounds seemed to work well, and I actually ended up reducing the volume of the door opening and the sirens. The noise of the city also had to be lowered because I did not want that to be the main focus, but rather an ambient sound. Lastly, I had to trim each one to around 45 seconds; you should have seen the first time I trimmed it incorrectly. I freaked out!

Here is a bit more about me. The article is below:

This was an interesting one to see posted. I had to stop and think about something interesting in my life that was worth sharing. Of course, being in college, I reflected back to entering college. Fortunately, coming up with the audio was simple since it was just speech. As for the story, it is just under 2 minutes.

Additional Thoughts – This was just me being me. Soundcloud, headset, and a quiet room was all I needed. This was a nice assignment, but it had me confused because old posts stated it was worth 4.5 stars (which had me thinking was there more I had to do). Overall, it was a good self-reflection.

My Initial Thoughts:

So… this is rain, from my voice. I have to admit, I did this about 7 times before I got it to where I wanted it. I had my fan on in the background and began to make a somewhat watery sound with my mouth (you know how rain sounds). I did not get a good rainfall pitter-patter, so I tried to go for more of a heavy kind of rainfall.

This one was really weird to be quite honest. Making it was easy, but trying to get everything when combined to sound right was not. I tried tapping fingers, moving the fan closer, shaking a water bottle, and a few other things on my keyboard. I figured I should not cheat since I am at my computer, ant this all seemed to come out decently.

Additional Thoughts- Looking at this now, I still don’t even know what to say about this. I tried to make this sound good, but man did I fail at it. I thought this would be fairly easy, but making it sound convincing and real is just plain difficult. Seriously, if you do not believe me, try it! I dare you! It is actually difficult (or I actually am that terrible at it). You really won’t know how it sounds until you play it back. Then you really hear the horrible nature of your voice. However, it did make me laugh!


That’s all for this week, I hope you all enjoyed this quick blog!