Darn Fountains!

Darn Fountains!

Link: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/optical-illusion/

You know, it really sucks not being able to use water fountains sometimes. They just don’t design them for people with outrageous sized hands! Pushing the button for water is surprisingly hard.

After some quick thought, this one came to me as a no-brainer (and it had more light than my previous entry so yeah…)! A local water fountain, camera, and my own hand were all I needed. I wish I could have stood back a bit further, but I was already up against a wall. I’m thinking I might need to invest in an adjustable stand at some point.

Somehow, I equated Jim’s message of Force + Light = Water.

<Stop and take a moment to process that; it doesn’t make sense>

Let me know what you think!


6 thoughts on “Darn Fountains!

    1. Overlord Post author

      Yeah, I just got around to checking the site again to see that assignment got demoted :(

      Unfortunately my room is far too dark to get some more light everywhere.


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