Triple Troll Picture

Triple Troll

I really wanted to use a picture of Omar for this assignment, so I remembered this picture from S1E13. For whatever reason, I decided to use one of the lines that the judge said to McNulty. I then thought that it might would appear that this is a believable line if I attached Avon’s name to it. That is how this picture came into being. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a really clear image (if anyone does know where I can find this particular image, let me know so I can redo it). I really like this… I’m not sure why…

4 thoughts on “Triple Troll Picture

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  2. Paul

    Absolution at the point of a gun with Omar the Confessor. It seems like there’s some kind of subversive commentary on Catholicism in there. This is an awesome triple troll.


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